Top 10 tips to make the most out of Facebook for your business

When it comes to the importance of capturing attention and creating engagement on social media for your business, Facebook is kind of a gift. Good content is generally something that adds value to a reader’s life, that they find worthwhile or enjoyable. There are an array of things that can be communicated through good content to create a lasting impact among your audience. So, let us dive into how you can effectively utilise Facebook to your brand’s enhancement minus the rocket science!

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1. Optimising a Facebook Business Page

The profile picture of your business page is the first thing any visitor will see (even if they wouldn’t like to). So it goes without saying that the profile picture you use has to be clear and prominent. Being recognisable is the first step to being found on Facebook. It could be anything from a company logo to a headshot of yourself, if you are a solopreneur. I If you need some guidance on setting all of this up, read our post about optimising your Facebook page. It is a pretty clever idea to include links to your ‘About us’ and/or ‘Contact us’ website pages too in the descriptions of your cover and profile pictures. This way you’ll create links back to your website and might just point folks towards where the party is happening. Choosing the right call to action (CTA) button is another great idea depending on your objectives. For example, if you are an e-commerce clothing line, it would make sense to have a ‘Shop Now’ CTA button, which would be prominently displayed alongside the cover photo and is going to generate leads towards your website. If you need a little hand setting this up, check out our other blog. Last but not the least, our showstopper is the actual ‘About’ section on your page. There exists a preview of your about us description alongside your profile picture. The trick is to be brief but still descriptive. After that, populating the ‘milestones’ section is another noteworthy thing to do. The ‘About’ section is arguably the most important part of your Facebook page, so take the time to really nail it.

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2. Snackable content

If you are trying to connect and market to people who aren’t already your friends on Facebook, it is encouraged you aim at creating engaging content.According to a Content Marketing Institute survey, 70% of consumers would like to be educated about a company reading articles rather than viewing adverts. So how do we write good content? Easy. First off, define your audience. You definitely do not want to write for teenage girls when the products you are selling are surgical instruments. It is as simple as that to start with. From there, your content should be relevant, informative and entertaining. It is also recommended to compliment your facebook content with the right sort of hashtags to increase reachability. Reach is the gold at the end of the treasure hunt for your Facebook endeavour. In other words, it’s the unique number of views your post receives. It’s also recommended you use a popular keyword repeated a few times among the content without stuffing it full of the same word, for example: We sell custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar humidors are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar humidor, please contact our custom cigar humidor specialists at Looks pretty keyword stuffed. And hard to read. Don’t do that :-) Better yet, you do not have to be on Facebook every day of the week. Sit back and analyse how your posts are performing by not posting anything for a few days. Notifications can be responded throughout any time of the day, your followers will get notified whenever you respond.

3. Respond to messages

Your followers always like to know if there is a person behind the brand, and customer interaction is essential towards driving your brand’s persona. Most marketers recommend the usage of Facebook as a customer relationship management tool (CRM). Facebook’s algorithm calculates response time by default and it is then shown live on your page so your fans can know how quickly you respond to messages. According to facebook there are 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses every month on the messenger platform. 53% of people would like to do business with an entity they can message to and an equivalent amount of people say they would rather message than call customer service or support on facebook. These stats portray the importance of using facebook messenger for business. Messenger has a feature to reach out to a scale of numerous people and then continue engaging chats with them individually so forth. The queries to be resolved could range from anything from interest in a new product release to troubleshooting. By offering support with live chat or automating it with answers pre-set to FAQs can help in an efficient interaction cycle with followers on the page. The tools on the messenger platform towards building an easy to interact interface and booking would help in driving sales for a business. For example Sephora a cosmetics giant has built an interface on messenger where people can choose store location and service. It is also possible for people to book appointments.

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4. Content curation

Content curation is an amazing way to induce some efficient leisure into your life if you aren’t a great writer yourself. Share third-party content on your page that is relevant to your industry. This saves time and gives your followers the impression you are savvy of industry and market trends.Of course, it is always best to share your own blog posts too so you can generate your own web traffic. Keep your eyes open towards RSS feeds, Twitter and subscribe to Google Alerts to stay on top of trending topics for your industry/business.

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5. Share Videos

Facebook is one of the biggest video sharing platforms and 0.9% of posts on Facebook are videos. According to facebook the total reach of videos as a content asset is about 7.1%. This means it’s pretty important to try make videos an important part of your marketing strategy within Facebook. These videos need not be studio quality, but shot in 720p at least, which most mobile phones offer these days. The video can be about almost anything revolving around your brand or an important update you would like to exclaim, such as a behind the scenes moment or an intrologue of the company. It is important to post the video directly to Facebook rather than share a link from YouTube. Facebook’s algorithm gives you more reach if the video is posted to Facebook directly, instead of an external link that is shared. Videos are a great content asset with the highest amount of engagement, so if you want to raise some eyebrows, start shooting! It is generally advised to shoot bright videos with a not so horrific background. Facebook live is an exciting feature of facebook which allows you to shoot live and notify fans instantaneously. Public figures, politicians, musicians and other celebrity oriented personas utilize these constantly for a humanized connection with fans and followers. However, businesses can use this to constantly connect with fans in their groups and pages. Ways of utilizing facebook live include responding to questions on a live basis about products, blogs and so on. Give a sneak peek into your business, co-worker recreations. Promotions of upcoming events can also be done where a special announcement can be made and then be preceded by specific details of the event at hand.

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6. The pay to play platform

An interesting and informative question to answer would be, why pay for Facebook ads? Because they work and are easily customisable to target real people with real interests, hobbies or jobs and are not just limited to targeting what users are actively searching for. Plus, many businesses these days are leaning away from traditional marketing to Facebook ads and social spending as the platform is not at all horrendously expensive, considering the vast amount of visibility it provides. Facebook adverts are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to create impressions. Impressions over an ad set are the number of times your post is displayed from your page. For instance, if somebody views the post in their News Feed and also via a ‘share’ of the same post by someone, that equals 2 impressions. At first glance the ads manager looks intimidating but is quite easy to navigate through, this is where you see all your ads, ad sets and results of the campaigns you have run. Besides that, Facebook has several options to pre-determine your ad campaign specifications. Ad sets are where you decide what type of ads you want to create. These ads are where you design, decide upon the copy content and choose your CTA button. These are displayed with respect to the campaign you have chosen across, desktop and mobile News Feeds, right-hand sidebar of the desktop, audience network on mobile and on Instagram. It is important to know that Facebook ads do not interrupt user activity, rather they attempt to (seamlessly) situate themselves where possible, that’s why people dislike those Youtube video ads so much! It is worth having a meander through the Facebook audience insights too. Although Facebook ads manager and power editor provide you with the option of creating an audience, they do not provide you any insights about that audience. Audience Insights educates about a specific audience before you create a budget. It provides you with real-time data to adjust based on the information in front of you. This data consists of purchasing habits, relationships status, likes, comments, home market value, household income etc. After specifying an audience, you will determine how much your are willing to spend. This could be as simple as pressing the boost button, setting the demographics locations, age, gender and interests and checking the budget against the reach Facebook is projecting or it could be about a campaign for a creative visual pertaining to the brand. In the latter option, there is a feature within Facebook bidding for ad space called ‘Optimised CPM’. This is the cost per 1000 impressions. This can be a pretty neat technique where you only define target audience, objective - this could be likes, shares, post views or comments - and Facebook will show your ad to people who are more likely to take your desired action against your budget. The budget allocated for the bidding of the ad will automatically adjust to reach the people you want it to, making it a great optimisation method for adverts, especially if you do not want to invest too much time into the process. More information on CPM can be obtained here.

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7. Saved Audiences

There are tools onboard Facebook which allow choosing your target audience highly customizable and to your business’ requirement. Why is it important to customize your target audience? Small and medium businesses have so much to benefit from targeting their customers in a explicitly precise manner. We are talking about more than just demographics, age and gender but niche interests, habits and purchase patterns. This is a 100% free setup feature on your Facebook ads manager. The ‘Audiences’ section has this button under its tab called ‘Saved Audience’. This allows you to quickly advertise to specific groups over Facebook. You really do not want to have your time consumed creating and specifying custom audiences with every ad set you create. By using the ‘saved audience’ feature you can lock onto an audience pre-existing from one of the ad sets you created. This saves you heaps of time.

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8. Spamming and deception are definitely not a thing

Facebook’s algorithms are constantly re-thinked and changed to ensure quality among content. So Facebook does punish with the whip of low reach. Spamming, deceptive content with dramatic titles like, ’click to know how to look young in ten days!’ or even too salesy content proclaiming offers or pleading likes and shares will be penalised. Pictures like those placed side by side to show people who were obese but grew thin using a particular something or pill are also punished by Facebook with low reach. The idea is to create original, engaging and information oriented content. At the end of the day, the viewer should take away some value - this is the true measure of your brand’s progress over social media.

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9. Create and join groups relative to your industry

Social media was created with the purpose of making networking accessible and easy to everyone on the internet. Facebook groups are an interesting niche, a place where both target audience and service providers go. Joining a group is an efficient way to grow or tap into a network surrounding any industry or interest. Just go ahead and search using the Facebook search field, type in ‘Live and Die by Joe’s Doughnuts Group!’ When creating your own group, it’s best to do some keyword research via the search bar, looking for tags and titles pertaining to your industry. Like what types of titles and keywords get the most number of likes, shares or memberships.


10. Have fun!

Behind every successful campaign or page on Facebook lies the creative prowess of being able to respond to the needs of the market in a different way or jumping off the bandwagon, if you will. Being personal is the best way to increase reach and user engagement on your page, talking about your experiences, both great and not so great moments, to make them into interesting bloopers or glimpses behind the scenes. It is pretty safe to say that if you are having fun, it’ll turn out that most likely your fans are too. We hope this blog helps you gain a better understanding of using and interacting with Facebook for your business. Do you think we missed out on something or would like to share some of your own ideas? Please feel free to use the comments section below.